If you’re a registered nurse or in healthcare, you may be familiar with working long 12-hour shifts. I’m sharing some of my favorite healthy meal prep and snack ideas.

As a nurse, I am sharing my healthy snacks for a 12-hour shift!

LUNCH ideas: 
Maybe not the healthiest, but a frozen meal is sometimes my go to>> and convenient i usually love AMY’s frozen meals!
if I’m ordering out, the chipotle chicken bowl or salads are full of vegetables and healthy brown rice with lots of flavors! 

Also, the Waba grill menu has some great healthy options, including bowls, salads, adding in extra vegetables, and a protein source.

Again Chiptole and Waba Grill may be considered fast food.
if i pick the right options, rice/starch, veggies, & a protein, I don’t think it will give you the FAST food hangover or the super sleepy feels…

Suppose i am an overachiever and PREP for the week

Meal prep ideas: 

i typically like to do white (basmati) rice, veggies (stir fry), and chicken (i know im pretty boring). It’s just a standard, and i don’t really mind eating the same thing often. (honestly) other options could be making a wrap or salad or create your bowl with starch and protein. Or I like to make a wrap and add chicken salad to it.

I try to add more fruits or pre-packaged trail mix in my bag as different sides!

I love fruit! Try always to pack grapes, berries, apples, oranges, etc. or fruity snacks! the smart sweets are so yummy!  of course, I always have coffee and water with me! ( to survive) 

To be honest I get a 45 min lunch! Which is amazing!!! But i always don’t wanna eat my fruit or veggies. I want to eat the chips or sweets in the break room, or go to the cafeteria and eat fries.

BUT honestly, when i eat fruits and vegetables… I FEEEL better? I mean no shocker there. So I try to pack “HEALTHY” snacks and sides. BUT yes, i always pack a piece of chocolate with me.

Ever since I was in school, my mother would always but a piece of chocolate in my lunch bag. My parents taught me the importance to not deprive myself. So I would always have a small amount of chocolate, and I still bring one to work as my little dessert.

One thing I think is essential to stress on…. something during work hours… i tend to STRESS eat…. and yeah, i could be so busy and not have time to sit down. BUT when I feel like I’ve had a horrible shift… or I’m upset with how my day went.. instead of eating healthy… I’m like, oh well…. im getting FRIES…

EAT what you brought first…. eat what you planned to eat that day for lunch … and YES, plan it…
If you’re still craving the fries and sweets after, then okay… Have a donut! BUT i think it’s important to plan something.. whether you’re bringing snacks to work for your 12 hour day or your packing your lunch!

Working over 12-13 hour days in healthcare! BRING snacks… and snack options

Let's be real...

don’t you feel better or more accomplished when you pack your snacks or bring healthy options!?! and eat them….
It may take time to create a habit! But i also HATE paying overpriced prices in the cafeteria or the vending machine for snacks. knowing i can get it so much cheaper on AMAZON.

I also think it’s vital to pack snacks!!! Always good to have options!

In addition, as i am very blessed to work somewhere where i get a 45-minute lunch break!!! so i do get time to eat!!

In California, all nurses must get a lunch break!!! It isn’t like this everywhere… (again SOO GRATEFUL) but since i have time to eat…. i want to be as mindful as i can!