If you are washing your hair every day… WE CANT BE FRIENDS. (But seriously like, how do you even have time to wash it every day?!?)

I, and many others, can go up to days without washing it. Greasy hair is the new Matte, basically…

Honestly, I hate when it when my hair is just washed. My hair is very fine. So when I wash it, it just feels super thin and just so flat! I think my hair is perfect about 2 or 3 days after a wash; it’s easier for me to style and holds a curl.

The biggest issue I feel I struggle with is getting volume in my hair… It just looks so flat whether I straighten it or curl it, especially after washing it! Do you struggle with thin, fine hair? Well, I found my secret for some extra volume. I currently love the full dry volume blast by Living Proof! Also, their dry shampoo is a top favorite of mine.

It is perfect for styling your hair, and adding in extra volume, and I feel like it really holds. With any dry shampoo, the key is to SHAKE it up before using it. I also think it is best to apply the dry shampoo the night before; I feel like it soaks up the grease.

Living Proof is a little more on the pricey side. It’s about $29.00 for the DRY VOLUME BLAST and $25.00 for the dry shampoo. I don’t use it every day, only the days I actually do my hair… So let’s say about 3 times outta the week. You have to be careful with the dry volume blast. Too much can make your hair feel crunchy! I definitely recommend both of these products!

What are your favorite dry shampoo products?